Sevgen Eralp

Sevgen Eralp

Sevgen Eralp

Cosmetic Dentistry and Implantology

Sevgen Eralp, who was born in 1984, graduated from the Muga Anatolian High School in 2002. In the same year, Eralp gained right to enter the Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry (English). After completing her undergraduate education successfully, Eralp specialized in the field of Prosthetic Dental Treatment at the Yeditepe University, Faculty of Dentistry.

Sevgen Eralp, who had the opportunity to work in private polyclinics and hospitals in various regions, established her own clinic in 2011. Besides practicing her profession in the Clinic Plus Dental Clinic, she has also undertaken the duty of responsible manager. Her professional interests include laminate veneers, crowns with zirconium substructure, aesthetic smile design, implant-supported prostheses, tooth whitening, temporomandibular joint disorders, bruxism, and botox applications.


Specialization-Yeditepe University, Faculty of Dentistry, Prosthetic Dental Treatment


Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry


Marmara University, Faculty of Dentistry English Preparatory

Participated Seminars and Congresses

  • A new era in porcelain laminate veneers / Ivoclar 24.11.2017
  • Dentsply Academy- Delivering education for better dentistry 18.01.2017
  • Digital smile design concept hands-24.10.2015
  • Training of botulinum toxin and dermal filler in dentistry 17.04.2015
  • EDAD-Aesthetic filling in the anterior region-practical course 08.12.2012
  • 14th International Congress on Cosmetic Dentistry - 17.09.2010
  • EDAD-Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry Association - 07.05.2010
  • 15th Congress of Balkan Stomatological Society, Thessaloniki, Greece - 22.04.2010
  • 1st Yeditepe University Dentistry, III. DILAD and the 7th International Quintessence Congress - 11.12.2009
  • 13th International Congress on Cosmetic Dentistry - 02.10.2009
  • TDB 16thInternational Dental Congress - 25.06.2009
  • 14th Congress of Balkan Stomatological Society, 9th Scientific Congress of Bulgarian Dental Association - 06.05.2009
  • 12th International Congress on Cosmetic Dentistry - 10.10.2008

Studies and Presentations

  • The Effects of Surface Treatments on Biaxial Flexural Strength of Zirconia Core Material - 22.04.2010
  • Neurophysiology of Pain - 30.12.2008
  • Aesthetic Posts - 25.12.2008
  • Relining and Rebasing in Complete Dentures - 15.12.2008
  • Fibrin Tissue Adhesives - 16.03.2008
  • Pediatric Oral Pathology - 24.02.2008
  • Dentine Caries - 10.06.2007
  • Cysts of Jaws - 14/04/2007
  • Digital Dental Radiography (RVG) - 04.06.2007

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