Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

What is porcelain crown/bridge and when is it preferred?

Porcelain crowns and bridges are the restorations reinforced with metallic or zirconium substructure which covers the entire tooth. Porcelain crowns or bridges may be preferred in the case of material loss where the teeth cannot be treated by filling. It can be preferred in the treatment of tooth disorders that cannot be corrected even by orthodontic treatment. It is aesthetically rather pleasing.

How long does porcelain crown/bridge last?

Porcelain crowns and bridges function in quite a long run, if carried out with the correct substructure preferences. A porcelain crown/bridge used for an average of 10 years can be regarded as successful. What is important here is that the treatments of the tooth and tooth root used as a support under the porcelain crown/bridge should be completed and they should be healthy. Afterwards, this type of crowns and bridges can be used for a long time with good oral hygiene. In porcelain crown/bridge treatments, your dentist will decide on which substructure will be used under which conditions in the light of his/her knowledge and experience. You can consult your doctor about the process of porcelain crown/bridge treatments and more detailed information.

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