Pink Aesthetics

Gingival aesthetics (Gingivoplasty)

Pink aesthetics is a type of treatment administered to form a gum line compatible with teeth. For a healthy smile, it is not only enough to have beautiful and healthy teeth, but also to have healthy gums in harmony with teeth. A healthy gum is light pink and has round edges like a lace edge and extend over the teeth in the form of a knife edge.

In which conditions is pink aesthetics carried out?

If the gumline extending over the teeth is asymmetrical, or if there is an excessive inflammatory condition, pink aesthetics may be needed. Inflammation in the gum causes red, edematous and hemorrhagic appearance, which is quite far from healthy appearance and therefore aesthetic appearance.

Or the gums may excessively appear during speech and laughing functions, although no inflammatory condition is present in the gums. Although a little appearance of gums during lip movements is known to be a sign of youth, this condition, called "gummy smile", is not considered be very aesthetic and requires treatment for pink aesthetics.

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