Gingival Diseases and Treatment

Periodontology is a branch of dentistry that deals with inflammatory diseases of the soft and hard tissues surrounding the teeth and their treatments. First of all, gingival health is expected in periodontology. Scaling and curettage are indispensable treatments for the health of periodontal tissues.

What is dental plaque (tartar)?

When tooth surfaces are not cleaned well, a layer, called bacterial layer, is formed on them. With the help of calcium and phosphate ions in the saliva, this layer hardens over time and forms dental plaque. One of the indispensable factors in the formation of dental plaque is saliva. According to the structure of saliva, dental plaque can be formed more or more frequently. In the region where the salivary glands are the greatest in number, in other words on the lingual side of the lower front region, dental plaques easily accumulate.

How is scaling performed ?

Scaling is performed with devices specially produced for this procedure. During scaling, stains formed on the teeth are also cleaned. The teeth's own color is revealed.

How often should scaling be performed?

Scaling and general hygiene/health condition checks of your mouth should be regularly performed once every 6 months. During these checks, your doctor may perform scaling, if necessary.

What is curettage and in which conditions is it performed?

Curettage is performed in cases where deep gingival inflammation occurs and dental plaque cleaning is not sufficient. We can say that it is a kind of scraping process carried out with the help of hand tools on the root surface towards the inside of the gingiva. You can consult your doctor to get detailed information about curettage.

What is flap operation and in which conditions is it performed?

In cases where the gums are inflamed to a large extent, flap operation may be a treatment option.  The gum is surgically removed from the bone surface by surgical techniques and the underlying inflammatory tissue is cleaned. After the root surfaces and bone surfaces become smooth, the flap is closed up by suturing.


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