What is pedodontics?

Pedodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diseases and treatments of milk and young permanent teeth in children and in individuals who need special attention until the period of permanent teething is completed.

What are milk teeth important?

Since milk teeth are the first teeth growing in children, besides the skills of chewing, biting off and grinding of foods, they are also effective in the development of speaking skills. They will also guide the permanent teeth that will replace them. This guidance can be addressed very broadly. By looking at the positions of milk teeth, we can roughly get information about crowding or dental caries that may develop on permanent teeth in the future.

A milk teeth period with a poor mouth hygiene indicates that the permanent teething period will also be in this way. If there is a decayed milk tooth, it is also wrong to think that in any case, the new one will replace it. Because if a milk tooth is extracted earlier, it is inevitable to have crowding in the period of permanent teething.  In cases where a milk tooth must be extracted ahead of time, it is absolutely necessary to use an apparatus, called space maintainer.  You can consult your doctor for detailed information about milk teeth.

When to start cleaning milk teeth and how to perform?

As soon as milk teeth begin to appear in the mouth, they should be started to be cleaned. Since the growing times of milk teeth are close to the start time of additional food, the dental hygiene habit should be gained as soon as possible. You can help your baby by giving a toothbrush to his/her hand and promote to move it to the mouth. You can make this a game and help him/her gain this habit by brushing your teeth with him/her in front of the mirror. If you are having difficulty in playing such a game, you can also clean your baby's teeth by wiping them with a sterile gauze that you will wrap around your fingers.

We do not recommend the use of toothpaste in children before the age of 6 since swallowing cannot be controlled. Or you can use toothpastes that are made of entirely organic materials and put on the market for children's use. You can consult your doctor to get detailed information about cleaning of milk teeth and the first dental visit.

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