Oral and dental health in smokers

Oral and dental health in smokers

As the cigarette smoke systemically enters the body, the problems slowly progress, while the direct effects begin to manifest themselves in the mouth more rapidly. There are more than 4 thousand substances detected to be harmful in cigarette. These alter the oral chemistry, leading to excessive microbial plaque formation. Moreover, smokers also have to live with a bad breath as long as they smoke. Besides that, the simplest harm caused by smoking in the mouth is impaired taste of the tongue. Smokers become unable to enjoy food and drinks they consume over time.

In many studies, it has been demonstrated that gingival inflammation is more severe in smokers than in non-smokers. Microbial dental plaque caused by smoking reduces gingival bleeding by suppressing the symptoms of gingival inflammation. In addition, loss in the supporting bone of tooth, gingival inflammation and tooth loss increase in smokers. It suppresses the defense system of the gum, making it vulnerable to bacteria. Since there is no sign of bleeding, everything may seem normal, thus it prevents early diagnosis and rapid treatment of the disease.

Again there is another harm caused by smoking in the mouth, but it will never be accepted. It has been demonstrated that there are smoking and alcohol use habits in 75% of oral cancers. In oral cancer, painless intraoral swellings, non-healing pains due to tissue loss, bleeding foci, red-white injured areas, and resulting difficulties in mouth opening may occur. Individuals who notice such changes in the oral and facial region should first be examined by a dentist.

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