Maxillofacial Surgery

Are extra surgical operations required before implant?

As a result of the radiological and clinical examination of the region where implant will be placed, extra surgical treatments may be required in the presence of insufficient conditions. These treatments can be any of the operations of sinus lift, bone graft application, bone augmentations, reposition of lip, cheek and lingual muscles or keratinized gingiva deepening. You can consult your doctor to get detailed information about these treatments.

Tooth extraction

When tooth extraction is performed, a complete anesthesia should be provided in the relevant extraction area. In the presence of acute inflammation, a complete anesthesia cannot be obtained since the distribution of anesthetic material will be difficult within the tissue. Furthermore, after tooth extraction, the vessels open into the oral environment, which is not possible to be fully sterilized, and merge into the saliva. In such a case, the existing acute inflammation can be distributed from the tooth extraction area adjacent to the vital vessel nerve packs in the head and neck region to the body. Taking such risks into consideration, it is necessary to postpone tooth extraction in the presence of acute inflammation. A drug may be prescribed to help dissolve acute inflammation and for prophylaxis.

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