What is Inlay / Onlay?

Inlay/Onlay is completely porcelain (porcelain filler) or composite fillers which are prepared indirectly with special methods.

In which conditions is Inlay/Onlay applied?

Patients with excessive material loss in their teeth due to reasons, such as decay or break, may prefer inlay/onlay treatment. In such cases, bleeding and saliva control may be difficult if the border of the restoration to be performed is below the gingival margin. Inlay/onlay prepared with this indirect method is preferred since it is not possible to directly carry out filling in an environment where bleeding and saliva cannot be isolated.

How is Inlay/Onlay applied?

After the remaining dental tissue is prepared so that it is suitable for inlay/onlay, measurement is taken. The filling is prepared from porcelain material with computer-aided CAD-CAM system in the laboratory environment and adhered to prepared tooth cavity in the mouth again with these procedure-specific agents. There may be cases where porcelain filling cannot be applied according to the remaining dental tissue. In such cases, again inlay/onlay can be prepared with composite material indirectly in the laboratory. It is cemented to the remaining dental tissue with special adhesive agents. The choice of porcelain filling or composite inlay/onlay treatment will be decided by dentist as a result of examination. You can consult your doctor to get detailed information about porcelain fillings.

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