Empress Crowns

All-ceramic crowns

Empress is used as a substructure material for porcelain crowns or bridges. It is quite successful in reflecting the light that comes on it and the color of the underlying teeth. Color is the effect created in our eyes when a material retroreflects the light it receives. Therefore, the material's light permeability or absorption and reflectivity are very important for aesthetic success. Crowns with empress substructure are the products that reflect the light best and therefore the most aesthetic materials produced up to now.

In which conditions are empress crowns preferred?

The usage area of porcelain crowns with empress substructure, which have a very high aesthetic gain, is very limited. Empress crowns, which are reinforced porcelain substructure materials, are not only highly aesthetic but also have the lowest breakage resistance among the substructure materials. Therefore, they are preferred in the front region where is not exposed to chewing force too much and where aesthetic is in the foreground.

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