Total/Complete Dentures

A complete denture is a treatment type composed of teeth placed on a pink base that imitates gums and administered to individuals who have no teeth in their mouths due to various reasons. Since there is no tooth in the mouth, they are prepared by taking a detailed soft tissue measure. Afterwards, the teeth prepared with the pink base are rehearsed by calculating the appropriate face height and speech intervals. What is important here is to produce a denture that can meet the daily jaw functions and aesthetic expectations without posing wrong forces on the temporomandibular muscles and joints of the patient.

What are the problems experienced with total denture?

In total dentures, the entire duty is of the soft tissue and jaw bones, since there are no teeth in the mouth. A total denture prepared in a way that it will not cause excessive pressure on the gum and intra-oral lip and cheek muscles will function well in the mouth with adequate saliva flow.

In the case of a lack of any of these requirements, the retention of the total denture will reduce and it will function unstable. In such cases, we can take advantage of denture adhesives. Or the most healthy wat will be to provide retention with fewer implant supports placed under the total dentures. A total denture settled on the implant will both increase the retention of functions and support the jawbone (mandible) as well as soft tissues.

How to clean total dentures?

Since total dentures are made of an acrylic base and teeth, it should be sensitive about its cleaning.  It is necessary to brush them after each meal with a soft-bristle brush specially designed for use in the cleaning of total dentures. Total dentures brushed with a hard bristle brush get scratched. Food residues accumulating between scratches and cracks cause bad appearance and smell.

The use of total denture 7/24 means that the gums remain without free and are constantly in contact with a humid substance. As a result of that, yeast infection may develop in your gums. Removing your total dentures while going to bed at some nights and not wearing them until the morning may prevent the development of this infection. In addition to cleaning of the total denture, brushing your gums with a soft-bristled brush and gargling them with mouthwash will help you obtain a complete oral hygiene.

Partial Denture

Partial denture can be applied to patients with multiple tooth loss in their mouth. In cases where stable denture cannot be used due to various reasons, it a kind of removable denture, which are made by receiving support from the soft tissues and the remaining hard dental tissues and which should absolutely be removed after meals.

The use and partial/removable denture is the same as total/complete dentures. You can consult your doctor for more detailed information.

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