Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile design

Our teeth are one of the most important elements that affect our image and beauty. Liking our teeth when we smile will considerably affect our appearance and accordingly our self-confidence. Smile design is the procedure of restoring the teeth with which the individual can smile confidently and which will harmonise with the face, hairstyle, working life, social life and even clothing style. While performing that, we can utilise porcelain laminate veneers or composite veneers that we use in restorative treatments.

"Visagism" in smile design

In order to understand smile design, the concept of visagism should be known first. Visagism that is derived from the French word "visage" means "face" in Turkish. In the early 1930s, the "visagism" concept began to be used in the field of dental aesthetics, and nowadays has become irreplaceable. The main idea underlying this view is that unlike the standard smile techniques, the individuals' face, hair comb style, psychological behaviors, lifestyle and even habits should be evaluated within the scope of dental aesthetics.

Who are eligible candidates for smile design?

Anyone who is not pleased with the appearance of his/her teeth can have smile design. However, in individuals who have not yet completed their growth development, it will be more accurate to postpone smile design with restorative methods or to refer them to orthodontic treatment. You can consult your doctor for the method, process and price about smile design.


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